Time for change


„The only constant in life is change“ (Heraclitus of Ephesus)


In our fast-moving times, this wisdom seems to apply more than ever. In our professional lives, it is not only processes, standards and business models that change, but also our personal wishes, ideas and requirements of an employer.


How satisfied are you in your current job?

There are many good reasons for a career change: Perhaps you want to have better earning prospects or opportunities for promotion, a more easy-going boss or a cooler team. Maybe you want to develop further, challenge yourself and change the nature of your work. Or you are looking for ways to balance work and family life better. We will be happy to help you with your search and find the right company for you.


„It is never too late to become what you might have been.“ (George Eliot)

Your advantages with Bacher Consulting

Career advice

We advise tax consultants, lawyers and auditors, tax and paralegal assistants, tax specialists and tax and audit assistants. It does not matter whether you want to change careers within your industry or are thinking about changing industries – we discuss your options together to plan your career for the long term.

Perfect Match

We look forward to meeting you! To understand what drives you and what you want, we listen to you closely. We take the time for personal interaction and, based on our interviews, only introduce you to employers who are a real fit for you.


The starting point of our placement is not the companies, but only the candidates and their wishes. We work with a number of partner companies on the basis of framework agreements and do not accept exclusive orders from companies. Therefore, we are not obliged to make jobs palatable to you that do not suit you.

Unofficial vacancies

The best vacancies are not always on the notice board. To avoid unease, many companies do not officially advertise vacancies. Through our global network and long-standing contacts, we are also entrusted with unofficial vacancies and use this head start to your advantage.

No costs

Our service is for you as a candidate not just non-binding, but also completely free of charge. Once we have found the right company for you, they will pay the costs of our mediation.

It is all about you

Our approach to personnel consulting is unique: because our focus is on you!

We see ourselves equally as your service provider and business partner. As industry specialists, we know what we are talking about – and what you are talking about. For us, personal exchange as equals and a trusting relationship is the prerequisite for a successful partnership.

Ready for a change?

We look forward to seeing you! Let us discuss without any obligation what career opportunities are available to you and how you can benefit from the services of Bacher Consulting.

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